Heroes of The Storm Tier List

Heroes of The Storm Tier List

Heroes of The Storm Tier List

Heroes of the Storm is a Multiplayer Online Battle Area game (MOBA) by the developers Blizzard Entertainment. In this game, Heroes can be chosen from a wide array of Blizzard games, Warcraft, Diablo, Overwatch, and Starcraft universes.

Although it may seem obvious, for those who may be new to the game, heroes fight on a battlefield for the ultimate title of the most supreme hero. In this particular MOBA, the game requires that your experience is gained as part of a team, not individually like other similar games.

No Items to Purchase

To gather experience, you must do what is known as soaking, that is, you soak up experience by being next to an opponent’s minion or hero, as it dies, but this also works with a destroyed structure. What makes this game even more unique is that each hero has talents, so, there are no items to purchase.

Each talent has different levels which are known as Talent Tiers, these Tiers are important to keep in mind when fighting your enemies. What is important to keep in mind is to not fight another opponent who has a talent tier higher than yours, for example, a tier of level 10, the point of which you obtain your heroic ability, otherwise, you are sure to be defeated.

Focus On Your Objective

In Heroes you can fight anyone anywhere and don’t have to worry about laneing, that is, having to be in a specific lane to fight. The key is to always focus on your objective so that you are not confused. Essentially, you want to have at least one hero in each lane so that there is always someone soaking up experience.

Once you have a better understanding of the game, you can change your approach and tactics of completing objectives and gaining experience for your Hero. Your ultimate goal, besides gaining experience, is to destroy the opponent’s team fort and this is what ultimately allows for you to win a game.

Now that you have a better understanding of Heroes, we can take a look into what Tier Lists are, and how they fit into this particular MOBA. In general, a Tier List is a list of either characters or another element that is ranked by their viability with respect to the game’s specific settings.

So, the higher on the list, the more powerful it is considered to be and therefore it will be more desirable to use over the lower-ranked characters or elements available. Lists can be affected by a few different variables; these include a new update to the game or new characters that have been introduced to the game.

Heroes Tier List

The list is restructured based on what updates have been done to the game and can be viewed online with a simple check by typing in Tier List and Heroes in your search engine. With regards to Heroes of the storm, the list is divided into two categories, Viable and Not Viable.

There are seven divisions within the tier ranking, they are ranked from top to bottom and are as follows:


Tier S+ = Greatly Overpowered – Will never lose.

Tier S = Overpowered – Popular choices for a hero and are very strong.

Tier A+ = Slightly Overpowered – These are just above the point balance; they won’t change much over time.

Tier A = Balanced – You get an even play with these heroes.

Tier B = Slightly Underpowered – They are either map-specific, so they should only be used in certain locations and will fair better with a skilled player.

Not Viable

Tier C = Underpowered – Avoid selecting these heroes.

Tier D = Greatly Underpowered – Don’t even consider picking these heroes.

In Heroes of the Storm, the heroes are ranked based on their competitive strength and their current meta, that is, their most effective tactics available and their ultimate ability to beat other players in the game. The ultimate purpose of the list is to help you avoid selecting invalid heroes and choose the best for your playing strategy.

Once again, if you want to gain a view of the current list of rated players you will simply search online Heroes of The Storm Tier List. Once complete, you can peruse the list of current heroes and make your selection accordingly.

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