How Much Money Have I Spent on League of Legends?

How Much Money Have I Spent on League of Legends?

How Much Money Have I Spent on League of Legends?

Known to many as simply League but to all who play it is recognized as your typical online competitive game which includes a combination of real-time (team-orientated) strategy (RTS) and a role-playing game (RPG).

Either way you look at it, League of Legends is an addictive, fast-paced, online game that rakes in big bucks for its creators. It is a game that starts as free to use for its players, this is otherwise known as a freemium game, (a combination of the words free and premium, which you must pay for).

Although in the beginning, you may anticipate that you will not need to spend any real money on the game, as you delve deeper into the world of online gaming you will discover that that desire to keep your money in your wallet is easier said than done.

Spend Money Leveling Up In League of Legends

League begins simple enough, select a champion from which you will develop throughout the gameplay through leveling up and through purchasing items in the shop. Although not hard to do, each item you purchase will continue to need to be upgraded throughout the process of the game.

And although you start the game with some gold, it takes time to accumulate enough gold, such as through the process of beating powerful monsters, to improve upon key items that will, in turn, develop your champion’s status.

Some battles will produce more gold throughout the game compared to others, for example, taking down an enemy turret versus fighting an enemy.

To complete either of these tasks, your champion will need to be leveled up and have useful powerful items, creating the endless cycle of visiting the store to purchase items with gold so that you can improve your chances in a fight against your enemies.

It should be noted that in battle, gold will only be accumulated through the last hit or the killing blow, to your enemy, therefore, no last hit, no gold to upgrade or be able to purchase helpful items for your champion. And trust us when we say you want that gold to upgrade your champion and their items if you plan to progress in the game.

So, what sort of items are we talking about that need to be upgraded? Well, one example of a way to improve upon your character’s attack damage would be to purchase a B. F. Sword from the shop, but this purchase will not come cheap, it goes for 1300 gold.

Losing Track of How Much You’ve Spent in League of Legends

The trouble is, particularly if you are one who enjoys speeding up gameplay or adding extras such as skins to your champion, you will find yourself going for an in-app purchase. These can add up quickly and you may find yourself losing track with how much money you have spent.

What makes this even more difficult to recognize in terms of actual cost in League is that your money is converted to Riot Points which distracts many of its players, particularly its amateur players, from the real money they are spending.

To begin with, it will cost you approximately five American dollars to obtain 650 Riot Points, but you may be willing to go up to USD 100 in order to obtain 13 000 Riot Points (with a bonus) which can be tempting as they are promoted as the better deal, as you get more in one shot.

Playing League Without Spending Money

Although you can play the game without spending money, skins are the only items that do cost real money, everything else can be gained if you are willing to put in the time… but you will need a lot of patience.

If you feel you are ready to bite the bullet and see how much money you have spent while playing all you need to do is visit the support page for the game, enter your login name, and click show me the money.

Hopefully, you have stayed on top of your spending and won’t be too shocked by what you see.

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