How Much Time Have I Spent on League of Legends?

How Much Time Have I Spent on League of Legends?

League of Legends, otherwise recognized to those within the know simply as League, is an online strategy game that allows for you to be part of a diverse community and imagine yourself in the role of your champion.

League is played in real-time where your avatar is placed in a battle arena and pitted against other champions that also represent real-life opponents. Your goals are simplistic and yet quite addictive, to fight other opponents, ultimately defeating their Nexus all while improving upon your champion’s status.

To improve upon your champion’s status, you must accumulate items that will help them with a variety of skills they need, such as speed or strength, but you also need to gain experience, and that comes with taking the time to play the game.

The popularity of the game has continued to grow since its debut release in 2009, now, a decade later, it boasts over 100 million players per month. This popularity allows for a never-ending supply of fresh opponents to fight, ultimately meaning that each time you play the game you are facing a new opponent.

To obtain gold and improve upon your champion’s status, you must compete in matches. These matches can last anywhere from 20 minutes up to 60 minutes or more. As you are fighting within a team, and you probably want to complete at least one battle per login, the time spent doing so can add up quickly.

Are You Spending Real Money?

What can also increase the amount of time spent playing is whether or not you choose to spend real money on the game. If you prefer to speed through your player development the cost will go up, but less time is required, conversely, no money spent means increased time in the game.

Consider as well that on top of fighting in matches, which already take up a considerable amount of time, you are exploring, purchases new and better champions, spending time in the shop to purchase new items for your current champion, and also chatting to other online players.

According to recent data, the average player has spent over 830 hours on League, added up, that is, a bare minimum of 13 matches if each match lasted an hour; but chances are you have probably spent more time than that.

Some of the battles you will face, and thus the time you spend in the game, are determined by the Game Mode you have chosen to play within. As of today, there are three different modes. The first is The Summoner’s Rift, where the majority of players choose to spend their time.

There is also The Twisted Treeline, here you will find more frequent team fights, and thus you may find yourself spending more time online. Lastly, there is The Howling Abyss, this mode requires more intense gameplay with stricter rules, such as no healing or shopping until your champion has died.

Playing in any of these modes will allow you to create friendships with other gamers, which in turn, will mean, once again, more time spent online. With all these fun and addictive distractions, it is easy to understand why so many people spend long periods playing this fast-paced online strategic battle game.

Wasted on LoL

Are you curious to know how much time exactly you have spent in this online world? There is a website entitled Wasted on LoL (LoL referring to League of Legends) which will allow for you to enter your summoner name and see the amount of time spent since you first signed into your account.

You may also choose to check into another summoner if you are curious about how long he or she has played the game (new versus experienced, as some prefer to play with more experienced players versus a noob).

Enter Your Summoner Name

Once you have entered your summoner name you will see your time spent as well as your rank overall in the community of your region. It will also break down how you have spent your time within the game. The website also shows the top number of players and days they have spent playing, the top number reaching over 500 days.

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