No Game No Life Season Two

No Game No Life Season Two

If you are familiar with anime shows, then No Game No Life may be on your radar, but if it isn’t yet, it should be. It is a series is based on a light novel series that includes nine novels released between the years 2012 to 2016; it was then adapted to a manga series by a wife and husband duo.

Animated by Madhouse, the series follows two protagonists, Sora, the older brother, 18, and Shira, the younger sister, 11, a pair of step-siblings who play online games without ever entering in a name and therefore are known to the online world simply as Blank.

They are an undefeated duo, with scores that no one has even come close to touching. They are both considered shut-ins, or Neets (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) and they view the real world as a crappy game compared to the gaming world.

Their journey begins when they receive an email that asks them if they feel as though they were born in the wrong world? Curiosity gets the better of them and after defeating a game of chess with an online human opponent, they admit their unhappiness and in turn, are sucked into the world ruled by Tet.


Disboard is a world where games dominate, rules and outcomes of the games are enforced, and violence is prohibited, all thanks to the Ten Pledges Tet created. The siblings make their way to the capital city of Imanities (humans), Elkia, and discover more about this new world they are in.

Here, after they display their gaming skills with another inhabitant of the land, they meet and befriend Stephanie Dola, granddaughter of the deceased king. She allows them to come with her and move to the palace to live.

Rather than pass his royal lineage onto his family, the old King had set up a round-robin gaming challenge to decide who would be the next ruler. Ultimately, Kurami Zell, an 18-year-old human remains undefeated with no one left to challenger her.

But, at the time of her coronation, Sora reveals that she used elf magic to win. Now she must defeat the sibling team to prove why she should be the next ruler of Elkia. Kurami reveals her plan to Sora, Shira, and Stephanie; she is using the Elves for their protection against the other races inhabiting Disboard.

Sora the Victorious

Sora doesn’t believe her and they battle one another; in the end, Sora is victorious and the siblings are crowned King and Queen of humanity. After they are crowned, they receive humanity’s chess piece that represents their free-will and human rights.

Tet visits them and reveals that whoever collects all sixteen chess pieces, each one representing one of the sixteen races, will have the right to challenge him for his title of God. Sora and Shira want to know more and leave Stephanie to handle Elkia’s political needs.

The blank team learns about Elkia’s library where they meet the owner Jibril and use the library to conduct their research. They defeat Jibril in a game and, as a result, Jibril swears her loyalty to the two siblings.

The duo discovers that the former king challenged a previous group known as the werebeast (interchangeable with the name warbeasts in the series) and lost to them eight times, each time losing a piece of land.

Challenging the Werebeasts

The Blank duo decides to challenge the Werebeasts in the Eastern Federation with a formal challenge; they threaten that they will reveal that the Werebeasts use video games to the Elven nation. Sora bets humanity’s chess piece for all of the land.

Shiro’s memories are altered and Sora is almost erased from existence, that is until Shira saves the day by placing missing chess pieces on an invisible board and wins the game. With this victory, Sora allies with Kurami and can now manipulate Fil’s memories, the Elf who was originally helping Kurami to cheat.

The game against the Werebeasts can now begin. Along with their opponent, Izuna Hatsuse, they are sent to a virtual reality that has the appearance of Tokyo, Japan. In the end, Sora and Shiro trap Izuna and she is forced to use an ability known as the Blood Destruction that increases her abilities.

The duo is defeated, but not first without Izuna being shot by Stephanie, as her location had been hidden by Sora. Sora then focuses his attention on the Eastern Federation’s leader, Miko, and challenges him to a game.

A coin is flipped and lands on its edge, pronouncing them both as winners. The result; Elkia can share resources with the Eastern Federation while the Warbeasts are allowed to rule themselves without interference. Joining forces, the two allied nations are now called the Elkia Federation.

Spoiler: Sora Doesn’t Take The Chess Piece

To the viewers’ surprise, Sora does not take their chess piece, leaving us to believe that he has no intention of challenging other races, but we do know that he still wants to beat Tet. Questions of how this will be done are perplexing, to say the least, especially since he did not take the other’s chess piece.

We learn that to make sure that the Pledges are upheld, they must all continue to play with one another and have fun, the tenth rule in the Pledges. It is likely that the viewers will learn in Season two why the pieces are shaped like they are and what are those large pieces in the distance of the horizon?

Season 2? We Can’t Know For Sure

Although we cannot know for sure, we do know that the series is using storylines from the end of Volume 6, in the book series, and has skipped ahead in the plot to include characters that haven’t been introduced yet. But some believe that revise the ending to suit the needs of the television series.

Ultimately, we are left wondering; will they build a tower of Wisdom and prove that they too have wisdom? And as Sora summons another Old Deus, an old God who has lost his status when Tet became the One True God at the end of the Great War, we know, that at the bare minimum, we will get to see another tough and exciting challenge.

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